Engineering calculations and analysis

Calculations and analysis are integral parts of design work, critical for ensuring the strength, reliability, longevity,and safety of a structure. KMGP specialists perform calculations across all disciplines using widely recognized software applications.

We conduct strength calculations for complex metal structures, reinforced concrete structures, various foundations, pressure vessels and equipment, vertical and horizontal tanks, masts, mechanical assemblies, pipeline joints including underground pipelines, as well as those made from fiberglass, adhering to both local and international standards. These calculations are carried out not only for the design of new facilities but also for assessing the load-bearing capacity and reliability of existing facilities after modifications.

In addition to standard calculation programs such as Autodesk Robot Structure, Bentley STAADPRO, Lira, Intergraph CAESAR II, Intergraph PVElite, and Intergraph Tank, we also use finite element method (FEM) calculations with tools like Abaqus Simulia, Paulin Nozzle Pro, etc.

We have experience in performing calculations for the effects of various types of vibrations: acoustic, flow-induced (including slug flow), and those caused by rotating equipment. KMGP carries out calculations and analyses both as part of general design work and separately upon request.