About us

KMGP is an engineering firm with a wealth of experience in designing field and plant facilities for the oil and gas industry.

Since 2008, the company has been executing a wide range of projects, varying in complexity and scale. It provides comprehensive services throughout the entire project lifecycle, from initial concept development to engineering support during construction and start-up operations. To date, KMGP has successfully completed over 200 projects for some of the largest players in the oil and gas sector.

As one of Kazakhstan's leading engineering service providers, KMGP is renowned for its capability to manage and deliver the most challenging projects, earning the trust and confidence of its clients.


At KMGP, we recognize that clients seeking to execute innovative, technologically complex, and large-scale projects prefer partnering with engineering firms renowned for their extensive experience in relevant fields.

Our profound expertise in engineering is a result of engaging top-tier specialists and experts,as well as establishing alliances with globally recognized consultants and contractors.

In 2020, American Bechtel Inc. and KMGP formed a strategic joint venture, Bechtel KMGP. This collaboration, combining the global expertise of Bechtel with KMGP's regional insights,aims to expand our service offerings to our clients. While the joint venture is still in itsearly stages and actively seeking new projects, Bechtel's extensive experience in executing a wide array of complex projects worldwide brings a significant depth of knowledge to this partnership.

What we do

At KMGP, we combine innovative solutions and industry best practices with a commitment to staying at the forefront of global trends and technologies. We customize our approach for every project, ensuring successful completion even in complex scenarios.

Our journey has been marked by challenges, including projects that stretched our skills and knowledge. It's through these experiences that we've honed our expertise. Our strong technical foundation,continuous skill enhancement, and a culture of flexibility and problem-solving enable us to tackle unique and demanding tasks effectively.

Our expertise is not limited to one area; we bring our accumulated experience and qualifications to a diverse range of sectors. We are adept at addressing the needs of clients in the oil and gas, energy, chemical, and mining industries. Our capabilities extend to civil and infrastructure construction, as well as the reconstruction and major overhaul of industrial facilities. This versatility and depth of experience make us a valuable partner in any project.

Brownfield projects

We do not simplify design processes just to save time, as this could lead to dangerous situations on site, inefficiency, and high costs. Our meticulous approach remains constant for both new and existing facilities. We work with the client until we fully understand the problem and find the right solution.

Sometimes the task may be simple. For instance, a client might need a straightforward replacement of equipment or pipelines to extend their service life. Such projects do not alter the technological process, but require rigorous review of physical clashes with existing structures to ensure preservation of access for maintenance and repair, safe operation and hazard-free evacuation.

At times, a customer may need to increase the productivity of facilities or re-arrange existing equipment. This requires more investigations and checking before implementation of proper process design. We undertake searching of the installed equipment documentation, particularly when it’s necessary to change the process flow scheme. Piping, instrumentation and other disciplines work together to find the best solutions. However, before launching any of the detailed design work, we need to understand the entire system as well as the intended changes and benefits that will be accrued from suggested changes.

Capital projects

We allocate available resources between small sized and mid-sized projects within the company to minimise downtime and improve efficiency. We adapt to customer needs. When a project is either critical or large enough, we establish a stand-alone project team. We are capable to quickly deploy an engineering team to act as a dedicated organisation that is thoroughly integrated with customer's project team and wholly focused on delivering a project within required deadlines.

Complex projects are provided by KMGP with multi-level reporting so that a customer can dig as deep as being able to see a progress data down to every deliverable. As an example: due to many processes are digitalised in the company, we were capable to provide progress report on a daily basis with breakdown of the main scope into 90 sub-scopes.

We have successfully completed capital projects with an engineering scope of more than 150K manhours each. This included front-end, detailed engineering and on-site supervision. One of the successful criteria to complete the projects was to break down the construction scope considering plant's turnaround stages and deadlines to reduce loss of production.

Process engineering

KMGP's process engineering extends from the initial conceptual development through to front-end and detailed engineering stages.

Our team excels in advanced modeling and analysis, employing tools such as AspenTech HYSYS, Honeywell UniSim Design Suite, Bentley Plant Flow, Intergraph Smart P&ID and others.

Our approach prioritizes maintaining operational continuity of existing facilities with minimal interruptions during revamping processes. Ensuring continuous production and revenue generation during upgrades is a key factor in the successful completion of a project.

Equipped with modern computer-aided design tools, we are capable of undertaking tasks like Flare System Simulation and Analysis, Steady and Dynamic Process Simulation, Slug Flow Analysis, Flow Assurance. The comprehensive capabilities enable us to meet the diverse requirements of our clients, delivering precision and quality in every project we undertake.

Risk and safety management

The costs associated with eliminating hazards and threats at their source are incomparably lower than those required for resolving a major incident. We identify potential risks at the design stage to ensure appropriate safety measures are in place before construction and operation begin.

For the analysis of hazardous situations in a project, we conduct interdisciplinary workshops: HAZOP/HAZID, SIL, LOPA, Design Analysis, Safety in Design Review, Constructability Review, and others.

Having key specialists and experts in each KMGP discipline with over 15 years of experience in capital projects allows us to identify all possible risks with a high degree of confidence, determine their consequences, and implement effective solutions to prevent accidents or reduce the impact of their consequences.

Engineering calculations and analysis

Calculations and analysis are integral parts of design work, critical for ensuring the strength, reliability, longevity,and safety of a structure. KMGP specialists perform calculations across all disciplines using widely recognized software applications.

We conduct strength calculations for complex metal structures, reinforced concrete structures, various foundations, pressure vessels and equipment, vertical and horizontal tanks, masts, mechanical assemblies, pipeline joints including underground pipelines, as well as those made from fiberglass, adhering to both local and international standards. These calculations are carried out not only for the design of new facilities but also for assessing the load-bearing capacity and reliability of existing facilities after modifications.

In addition to standard calculation programs such as Autodesk Robot Structure, Bentley STAADPRO, Lira, Intergraph CAESAR II, Intergraph PVElite, and Intergraph Tank, we also use finite element method (FEM) calculations with tools like Abaqus Simulia, Paulin Nozzle Pro, etc.

We have experience in performing calculations for the effects of various types of vibrations: acoustic, flow-induced (including slug flow), and those caused by rotating equipment. KMGP carries out calculations and analyses both as part of general design work and separately upon request.

Building design

The team of engineers in civil design department possesses deep knowledge in the field of building and structure design. The application of three-dimensional modeling, combined with calculations conducted in according to both local and international standards, results in the creation of reliable structures.

We are proficient in designing both industrial and civil structures and preparing detailed design documentation for construction and fabrication. Our portfolio includes large warehouses, industrial and manufacturing buildings, and administrative and utility buildings.

The knowledge and experience of our specialists allows us to design buildings and structures

BIM / 3D modeling and laser scanning

All projects in company are designed with 3D software and in-house data-centric applications, which improve collaboration and provide consistent and timely flow of information between team members.

The advanced 3D design and digital tools, KMGP engineering disciplines are equipped with, correspond to Level 3 as per BIM classification

We have experience in creating highly detailed 3D (smart) models as well as integrating them into client models. KMGP also takes full advantage of the combined use of laser scanning results with a 3D model, which makes possible to take into account the features of an existing facility or a future construction site with high accuracy at an early design stage. Early laser scanning reduces the number of sites surveys and provides better visibility for designers. To ensure the convenience of design, KMGP has a Leica laser scanner.

Also, KMGP is able to perform periodic laser scanning to record the progress of construction, monitor the state of existing buildings, structures and equipment (for example, sediment), as well as to control the volume of inert materials that are stored in bulk.

Electricity and power

Major oil and gas clients rely on our team of electrical engineers to design their power projects.

Our experts perform electrical calculations using ETAP. In addition, they design electrical networks in a 3D environment using SCADA Eledes and SCADA Paneldes.

Increased responsibility while connecting or switching additional capacities requires careful coordination with the owner of the facility.

One of the most critical project activities is working with potential suppliers and manufacturers. Our engineers oversee the design and manufacture of electrical equipment (such as substations, panels, cabinets, etc.) on a project from concept creation through front-end and detailed design to delivery to the site. The deep involvement of specialists allows the client to receive unique equipment that meets local and international standards and able to withstand the climate of Western Kazakhstan.

The experience and knowledge of our specialists allows us to design electric networks, power supply system for objects of 0.4-10 kV, power plants, transformer substations and power lines 10-220 kV

Information management and digitalization

IIn addition to the main engineering business, KMGP is engaged in the development of applications. The group of developers and engineers perform independent development of software tools, including the preparation of technical specifications, development of the concept of work, development of software code and implementation of the system.

Applications were originally developed for engineering and design companies in the oil and gas industry to support both core business and project management. Although the needs of the engineering business form the base of the applications, we can customize core functionality for any industry upon request.

Workshare and ECMS – digital products, which provide complete set of integrated solutions for company (enterprise) and project management.



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