Electricity and power

Major oil and gas clients rely on our team of electrical engineers to design their power projects.

Our experts perform electrical calculations using ETAP. In addition, they design electrical networks in a 3D environment using SCADA Eledes and SCADA Paneldes.

Increased responsibility while connecting or switching additional capacities requires careful coordination with the owner of the facility.

One of the most critical project activities is working with potential suppliers and manufacturers. Our engineers oversee the design and manufacture of electrical equipment (such as substations, panels, cabinets, etc.) on a project from concept creation through front-end and detailed design to delivery to the site. The deep involvement of specialists allows the client to receive unique equipment that meets local and international standards and able to withstand the climate of Western Kazakhstan.

The experience and knowledge of our specialists allows us to design electric networks, power supply system for objects of 0.4-10 kV, power plants, transformer substations and power lines 10-220 kV