Capital projects

We allocate available resources between small sized and mid-sized projects within the company to minimise downtime and improve efficiency. We adapt to customer needs. When a project is either critical or large enough, we establish a stand-alone project team. We are capable to quickly deploy an engineering team to act as a dedicated organisation that is thoroughly integrated with customer's project team and wholly focused on delivering a project within required deadlines.

Complex projects are provided by KMGP with multi-level reporting so that a customer can dig as deep as being able to see a progress data down to every deliverable. As an example: due to many processes are digitalised in the company, we were capable to provide progress report on a daily basis with breakdown of the main scope into 90 sub-scopes.

We have successfully completed capital projects with an engineering scope of more than 150K manhours each. This included front-end, detailed engineering and on-site supervision. One of the successful criteria to complete the projects was to break down the construction scope considering plant's turnaround stages and deadlines to reduce loss of production.