Brownfield projects

We do not simplify design processes just to save time, as this could lead to dangerous situations on site, inefficiency, and high costs. Our meticulous approach remains constant for both new and existing facilities. We work with the client until we fully understand the problem and find the right solution.

Sometimes the task may be simple. For instance, a client might need a straightforward replacement of equipment or pipelines to extend their service life. Such projects do not alter the technological process, but require rigorous review of physical clashes with existing structures to ensure preservation of access for maintenance and repair, safe operation and hazard-free evacuation.

At times, a customer may need to increase the productivity of facilities or re-arrange existing equipment. This requires more investigations and checking before implementation of proper process design. We undertake searching of the installed equipment documentation, particularly when it’s necessary to change the process flow scheme. Piping, instrumentation and other disciplines work together to find the best solutions. However, before launching any of the detailed design work, we need to understand the entire system as well as the intended changes and benefits that will be accrued from suggested changes.