BIM / 3D modeling and laser scanning

All projects in company are designed with 3D software and in-house data-centric applications, which improve collaboration and provide consistent and timely flow of information between team members.

The advanced 3D design and digital tools, KMGP engineering disciplines are equipped with, correspond to Level 3 as per BIM classification

We have experience in creating highly detailed 3D (smart) models as well as integrating them into client models. KMGP also takes full advantage of the combined use of laser scanning results with a 3D model, which makes possible to take into account the features of an existing facility or a future construction site with high accuracy at an early design stage. Early laser scanning reduces the number of sites surveys and provides better visibility for designers. To ensure the convenience of design, KMGP has a Leica laser scanner.

Also, KMGP is able to perform periodic laser scanning to record the progress of construction, monitor the state of existing buildings, structures and equipment (for example, sediment), as well as to control the volume of inert materials that are stored in bulk.